Magical Mornings With Bacon


Remember the magical Saturday mornings with the smell of bacon in the kitchen?

Nothing says “I love bacon!” more than a Saturday morning with your family, sizzling bacon on the stove, pancakes fluffing up, eggs being scrambled and fresh orange juice on the table. For many of us, it evokes lots of memories growing up and we end up having the same traditions with our family.

When we cook bacon, why does it shrink? Well, most of the supermarket bacon is packed with water and liquid smoke that makes it shrink. However, there is bacon of the month clubs that get rid of that problem. Many of them offer traditional type bacon directly to your door. Bacon delivered through the bacon of the month club has been cured carefully and with the best salts and spices. Once you taste the traditional thick bacon you won’t buy processed bacon again.

Did you know that with your bacon of the month club subscriptions, you can get more than just part of a pig at your doorstep? Yes, you can get bacon from some of the oldest breeds of pork farmers out there. Well known names like Tanworth, Gloucester Old Spot and Berkshire. The farmers who raise these specific pig breeds are going green. They are known for sustainable farming and humane treatment of their animals.

With these companies, deliveries would be made each month based on the amount and number of months you desire. Usually you receive 16 ounces of bacon with each delivery. With each delivery should be a description and origin of each bacon. Before your precious order gets shipped out they are packed in specific materials that keep it cool and fresh for delivery. A great bacon of the month club will notify you via email when your order is being shipped. This is an amazing added feature as you do not want the delivery to come on a day when you are out of town or on a 100 degree day!

Don’t worry about being lured in to and have hefty penalties for bacon of the month club. Many options exist for month to month, six month and one year memberships. Some of them even offer free trials. Bacon of the month clubs make the best gifts for your fellow meat lover or a large family to add to that Saturday morning tradition. In any case, in the clubs, whichever one you choose, you will be saying ” I love bacon!”

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