Bacon & Eggs – The Cookbook: World’s Best Bacon and Egg Recipes

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Welcome to the Bacon & Eggs Cookbook, a collection of recipes comprising of two of the world’s most versatile, adored, and respected primary food fundamentals – porky & chook.

“Bacon and Eggs” to many people around the world, is what pasta is to the Italians, bagels to the New Yorkers, haggis to the Scottish and sashimi to the Japanese. Bacon & Eggs is a culinary culture in itself.

Eggs, ham, pork, sausages, prosciutto and other salamis, and of course bacon are the main focus in the recipes, and what you’ll see inside are many of your traditional favourites as well as new and exciting ways to present them -creatively unique and deliciously irresistible. With no rules to adhere to regarding the lists of ingredients, you can create your own versions as most recipes provide varying alternatives, for…. dare I say…. non bacon eaters, and even vegetarians.

Don’t be fooled by the title – this book is not just about breakfast. There are hundreds of bacon & egg combinations for any time of the day – recipes for entrees, soups, pastas, picnic goodies, snacks, mains and more,

Come along and explore with me, an array of culinary possibilities that porky and chook can offer.


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