Easy Bacon Recipes: Delicious and Classic Bacon Recipes (The Easy Recipe)

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In recent years this simple cut of cured meat has enjoyed an increase in popularity with an almost cult-like following. Bacon has gone from a simple breakfast side dish to the main event with people wearing bacon t-shirts, wearing bacon cologne, and burning bacon-scented candles. Bacon is placed on top of hamburgers, tacos, burritos, omelets, and every other type of food you can find out there, even on cocktails like the bacon Bloody Mary. There are even entire restaurants devoted to this meat product, and many people feel that a meal isn’t truly decadent or fulfilling without a bit of bacon somewhere on the plate. The magical flavor of bacon comes from the fatty portions of the meat, and the fat also creates the characteristic crispy texture. While bacon does contain high levels of fat, most of the fat is rendered off when bacon is cooked, leaving the meat healthier and less fatty than some cuts of beef and even chicken. Bacon has a powerful and distinctive taste that enhances the flavor of other meats and vegetables, and bacon can be found on burgers, in tacos, on salads, in pastas, and in breakfast foods. In This Recipe Book You’ll Find: – Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Jalapeno – Clams and Bacon Saute – Bacon and Onion White Pizza – Bacon and Blue Cheese Butter – Asparagus and Bacon Pasta Salad – Apple Bacon Pizza – Bacon Maple Shortbread – And much, much more…

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