The Manly Cookbook: Bacon (The Manly Cookbook Series) (Volume 1)

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Congratulations on finding this book. You are one step closer to makin’ bacon like a boss. You’re welcome. It’s a proven fact that everything tastes better with Bacon. Mmmmm, bacon. So the Manly Cookbook Series kicks off with 75+ tried and true recipes with bacon as the main or added ingredient. Men (and women with a taste for everything manly), you know what comes after cooking with bacon? Eating with BACON! So forget about frivolous features like the table of contents and the index, because we kept it simple! Ok buy the book already and let’s get to it! INSIDE THIS BOOK YOU’LL FIND: – APPETIZERS LIKE BACON-WRAPPED SMOKIES – BREAKFAST RECIPES LIKE MANLY MAN’S HASH BROWNS – LUNCHES LIKE MEAT-LOVER’S BURGER – SOUP AND SEAFOOD RECIPES LIKE KISS THE SHRIMP – ENTREES LIKE RANCH BACON CHICKEN AND ROLLED FLANK STEAK – SPECIAL RECIPES LIKE MANLY STEAK – OUR SIGNATURE PIECE: BACON-WRAPPED BACON WITH BACON BITS!

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