Bacon Tie Mens Meat Neckties by Ralph Marlin

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Bacon lovers rejoice! The Bacon tie is finally here! Finally you can push button, receive bacon! This bacon necktie features a hi-resolution allover design of the candy of meats. It’s simply delicious! From afar, the tie looks like a regular fashion tie, but as people get closer, it will be clear that you’ve got breakfast, lunch and dinner all on your tie.

Unlike imitations, the Ralph Marlin Bacon tie is in fact a high quality, full adult size 57 inch necktie. This tie is not a gag gift, costume quality item. It can be worn anywhere you could get away with having a slab of bacon around your neck!

This original tie design is produced by Ralph Marlin – the original creator of the novelty tie and is crafted in 100% microfiber to provide years of quality service.57 Inches long – Standard Adult Size

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