Pig Dice Game

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The game includes FIVE 6-sided PIG dice. Each die is numbered 2-6 on five sides. The Ace side is a Pink Pig. The dice are opaque white with pink pips (2-6) and piggie. Complete instructions are also included. The object of the game is to be the first player to reach 200 points. Points are accumulated during each player’s turn. But DON’T BE A PIG! If you get too greedy, you can lose points! You can roll the five dice as many times as you like. Beware! Roll one PIG and lose 10 points. Roll more pigs and lose all points from that turn. Roll FIVE PIGS and lose ALL points built up in the game – gotta start over!

  • Be the first player to reach 200 points
  • Don’t be a pig! Get too greedy & lose points!
  • Great, family fun!
  • Fast-paced & easy to learn
  • Great for parties & get-togethers
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