Six Degrees Of Kevin Bacon Game

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If your reaction to this game’s title is “Kevin who?” you might steer clear of this faddish but popular trivia game. On the other hand, if you’re a quick-thinking movie buff and know exactly who this tall, angular star of such movies as Footloose and A Few Good Men is, you’ll probably enjoy Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon.

Following a complex dice-rolling process, players take turns reading an actor’s name to their opponent. Then it’s up to the opponent to link the actor to Kevin Bacon within six associations, which usually include other actors and movie titles. A deck of “B.Q.” cards offers hints, chances to steal an opponent’s win, or an increase in the number of steps allowed to make a connection. Moving 45 steps along the 17-inch-long playing surface wins the game. Bone up on the board game by studying the handy paperback. –Liane ThomasSix Degrees of Kevin Bacon – James Franco, host of the Oscars and on the stage of the Kodak Theater tonight reminded everyone about the Kevin Bacon Effect. The unique aspect of the actor Kevin Bacon is a documented aspect that everyone in Hollywood has either worked with the actor or knows someone who has worked with him. The key term, noted in the February 1994 Premiere magazine interview, had Hollywood give a smile as the professionals in the field are very aware this is true. Adding a layer to this, the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon is a trivia game. The name of the game is a play on the “six degrees of separation” concept that is based on the idea. Six degrees of Kevin Bacon, it’s correct – we all love him. In 2007, Bacon started a charitable organization named and there has been no looking back. As James Franco mentioned tonight everyone in the business has much appreciation of the actor and to be part of the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon is a badge of honor in Hollywood! Take a minute to check out more about the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon where Kevin works with the world to help others, which obviously are a few degrees away.

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